The Platform-RFA is a set of technologies for high-speed calculations of electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic situation in specified areas, modeling, assessment of EMC RPS and conditions for its support, procedures for the formation, submission and examination of radio frequency applications for EMC with the current and planned to use RPS through the web space and personal cabinets of users.
Project objectives
  • Digital transformation
    Interdepartmental interaction during procedures to obtain permits for the use of frequencies by users of radio frequency spectrum, effective digital interaction between business and regulator;
  • Creation of "end-to-end" digital technologies
    преимущественно на основе отечественных разработок
  • Reducing the time required to
    Reducing the time required to obtain permits for the use of radio frequencies, reducing the influence of the human factor in the decision-making
  • Increase of efficiency of
    Increase of efficiency of radio frequency spectrum use, intensification of business in telecommunications
Access to a copy for expert review
Access to virtual machine for certification via RDP: