Automated wireless network design and optimization system
CAD WN - a domestic alternative to foreign products on the Russian and, in the future, international market.
Functionality of CAD WN
  • Support of all major wireless technologies used in Russia
  • Calculation of coverage zones and derived parameters of network coverage according to recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), etc.
  • Availability of instruments for analysis of networks perspective development
  • Calculation of internal EMC conditions of the operator's network
  • Providing user end-to-end geoinformation support
  • Availability of open API interface for integration with applications (including advanced ones) and data of other systems
  • Providing continuous electronic interaction of users during the calculation, design, coordination and optimization of networks
  • Information support for a distributed team of specialists working in the field
CAD WN users
  • Federal operators of cellular communications
  • Regional operators and branches
  • Design organizations engaged in building radio lines and radio networks
  • Vendors of domestic telecommunication equipment
  • Individual Entrepreneurs and physical persons (radio amateurs)