Ensuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of radioelectronic facilities (REF)
Since its founding, the NRTB has been successfully solving the problems of integrated EMC support for government and civilian RPS.
Main objectives
  • Ensuring the safety of air traffic of state and experimental aviation
  • Expanding areas and improving the quality of coverage by digital radio and television broadcasting throughout the country
  • Ensuring interference-free operation of the REF for the needs of national defense and security with civil REF
  • Optimization of radio frequency resource use under conditions of deficit
The company has performed
  • More than 20 000 theoretical researches on EMC of REF of different purposes
  • More than 500 flight experimental researches
  • Over 200 ground researches and tests
The company uses a combination of software, firmware and hardware, which are linked together by common methodology of application and purpose.
Special software
Special software used for the calculations are developed by the company's employees in accordance with the methodological recommendations approved by the decisions of the State Commission for Radio Frequencies, the recommendations of the International Telecommunication Union, and the requirements of the RF state standards.
A significant portion of software products included in the special software passed state registration, certification testing for compliance with state standards and regulatory documents in the System of Voluntary Certification of Information Technology for State Information Resources "ROSINTEXCERT" (№ ROSS RU.3596.04RG01), as well as in the authorized bodies of the Russian Ministry of Defense.
Software and hardware
The company has created a multifunctional computing system (MCS), which allows to perform near real-time multi-level calculations to assess the EMC of the REF, the coverage zones, the optimization of frequency-territorial plans for radio communication networks of different standards for any area of application.

MCS provides a remote web interface for interaction with customers, including the possibility to perform calculations using cloud technologies online.
Technical facilities
For conducting of flight experiments NRTB has a flying laboratory at its disposal (YAK-40 flying laboratory, rented), equipped with the ASLK-75 NU automated flight control system and the EMO automated control and registration complex (NRTB development).
For EMC ground surveys and tests, NRTB has three unified mobile measuring complexes of its own design, assembled on the basis of Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz vans. The complexes provide EMC analysis, including search, measurement of parameters, direction finding, recording, technical analysis of signals of modern communication systems, as well as the location of sources of radio signals emission.

An unmanned aerial vehicle is used to assess EMC at altitudes up to 1000 m.