geographic information technologies
For the purposes of geoinformation support in solving large-scale tasks in the field of EMC calculation, EMO modeling and network design, a special set of software and hardware and software (GIS-H) was developed in NRTB, which includes:
- a protocol for storing data obtained from sources of various types of geospatial information;
- a set of specialized software-implemented algorithms of geodata generation and processing, as well as their reception and transmission;
- high-performance multi-user server for storing and processing geodata;
- Tile server based on OpenStreetMap data for cartographic information visualization.
GIS-H supports all up-to-date formats of spatial data storage of different structure.
Application of this complex allows minimizing the time of geodata exchange between the server and computational models, as well as providing high performance in geoinformation preparation.
The structure of GIS-H allows timely verification and updating of semantic and metric characteristics of the data used, promptly to make changes for perspective tasks and directions.