The NRTB has developed and experimentally tested a set of technical solutions and tools to build ground-based multi-position aircraft navigation and landing systems, in the interests of forming local radio-navigation fields for flight support.
The research resulted in an experimental prototype of the Universal Navigation and Landing System (UNFS) for field testing.

In October 2021, at the Orlovka airfield, UNPSS were tested on four types of vehicles: ground vehicles (the NRTB mobile laboratory), manned light-engine Cessna aircraft (JSC "Concern "MANS"), unmanned aerotaxi (JSC "Concern "MANS") and unmanned helicopter (LLC "Aeromax").
After completion of experimental testing, UNPS can become a ground-based alternative to satellite navigation systems and play the role of a primary, supplementary or backup navigation system in local areas in the absence or suppression of satellite signals.

Joint experiments of the NRTB with the Central Research Institute of Automation and Hydraulics (CRIAH) in September 2022: